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Trainees Corner




"The clear explanation and support of the trainer who really helps to improve our knowledge."

Nadine - Domaine de Labourdonnais Ltee


"The interactive and session and the trainer made sure everyone understood."

Weena - Phoenix Beverages Ltd


"The trainer was very attentive, always here to help. Her explanations were very clear very instructive."

Emmanuelle- Exotic Design Ltd


"The course was very helpful and the trainer is very attentive."

Elvin- Foredeck Consulting Ltd


"This Microsoft Excel-Level 2 course has answered all the queries I had in excel. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming."

Kreeteelata - Princes Tuna (Mauritius) Ltd


"Very good lecturer who has strong knowledge of Emotional Intelligence for Self-Management"

Steven - Hong King and Shagai Banking Corporation Ltd


"The Manage Your Business with Power BI training was well structured and well balanced in terms of theoretical learning and practical learning""

Bryan  - ABC Motors Company Ltd


"I really appreciated the high teaching standards, patience, and dedication of the lecturer."

Sandrine - DSO Group


" Further to the three webinars sessions we had ; the trainer was able to assist trainee in identifying specific training needs on Microsoft Office, the explanations very clear, i had enough time to practice and ask questions during every session"

Vandana - BU Manager - Connections


" I really like the fact that you offer those webinars,  they are really useful and informative. I have assisted 2 so far and really enjoyed how it is being presented. I look forward to the ones in the future. "



« Chez Telma, nous sommes clients de FRCI depuis les 10 dernières années. Suite à notre demande, leur équipe a conçu des modèles de documents Microsoft personnalisés, pour nous. Afin d’implémenter rapidement ces modèles au sein de Telma, un consultant FRCI est venu nous former et nous accompagner dans la mise en place de ceux-ci.  La clarté de la formation, les différentes astuces données sur l’utilisation des outils Microsoft, la patience et la pertinence des informations fournies par le consultant, nous permettrons de gagner du temps et employer les bonnes pratiques dans la réalisation de nos tâches quotidiennes . »

Rina Axelle - Responsable SI Collaboratifs - Telma



"I am very pleased to say that the feedbacks have been highly positive in respect of almost all evaluation criteria – our staff have generally enjoyed the training, and have found it helpful in taking them to the next level of using Excel as part of their daily jobs."

Monika  -  Project Manager  -  Emcar



" FRCI have greatly contributed to the fact that I’m now loving ….. numbers, grids…& even charts!!  Thanks for your remarkable teaching methods & tips which I have already started to use since this morning…"

Christabel - Concorde Tourist Guide Agency Ltd



"Excellent training session, using Pivot Tables was great. Left feeling confident and found look-ups really useful. Course ran at great pace with no one left behind. All topics covered brilliantly.  This was a great course, it reminded me of a lot and filled in my learning gaps. Training dispensed at my specific needs, identified additional shortcuts I could use. In fact, I have put in practice some aspects of the course and the result was stunning, gaining about 40 – 45 minutes for the same assignment!“

Ajay - Head of Accounts Receivable - SKC Group



“We were really amazed by the Excel Intermediate training done at FRCI. This tailor made training allowed us to work more efficiently on our day to day files. Custom exercises and the professionalism of the trainer have enabled us to become more productive during and after the session and also help us optimize our time”.

Ibrahim - Head of Sales and Operations -  Emcar