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Benefit from our world class elearning content and practice during workshops with our local experts.


Please contact our consultant for more information : training@frci.net or 601 28 12



Audience Training title Start Date
Sales Sell Solutions, Not Products on demand
Managers Add Coaching to Your Management Style on demand
Managers Shift to Management 3.0 on demand
Everyone Create a Great Customer Experience on demand
Everyone Effective Time Management on demand
Everyone Improve Your Personal Effectiveness on demand
Managers, HR Attract and Retain Top Talent on demand
Managers Get Your Team Working Together on demand
Everyone Give a Boost to Your Communication Style Mon 28 Jan 19
Managers Help Your Team Be More Customer-Focused Tue 29 Jan 19
Managers Keep your team motivated and engaged Wed 28 Jan 19
Everyone Find New Solutions Through Design Thinking Mon 04 Feb 19
Everyone Master the Fundamentals of Lean Management Mon 04 Feb 19
Sales Master the Essentials of Selling Tue 05 Feb 19
Managers Succeed as a First-Time Manager Thu 14 Mar 19
Managers Build a Learning Team Fri 15 Mar 19
Managers The Finance Tools that Every Manager Needs Fri 15 Mar 19
Everyone Harness Emotions to Be More Effective Thu 21 Mar 19
Managers, HR Strategies for Effective Talent Management Mon 08 Apr 19
Everyone Master the Keys to Digital Marketing Tue 09 Apr 19
Managers Get the Best out of a Remote Team Wed 17 Apr 19
Sales Manage Your Key Accounts Like a Champion Wed 15 May 19
Managers Foster a Happy Workplace Fri 17 May 19
Everyone Unlock Your Creative Potential Now Fri 24 May 19
Sales Managers Maximize the Potential of Your Sales Team Mon 03 Jun 19
Managers Make Performance Reviews Mean Something Fri 07 Jun 19
Managers Take Your Team to the Next Level of Performance Wed 12 Jun 19
Everyone Dare to Become an Intrapreneur and Reap the Benefits Thu 13 Jun 19
Managers, Project Managers Make Complex Project Management Simple Wed 19 Jun 19