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Give a boost to your communication style

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Good communication is an essential tool in achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships at all levels of an organisation

There’s email, chat, the company social network, blah blah blah— tech tools don’t mean that quality communication is taking place! To achieve that quality communication, fundamental human skills are needed—and those who work to improve these skills can be powerful communicators and outstandingly effective in their organizations. This course helps you polish up the full range of face-toface and remote communication skills that are so vital for working with others.

Objectives :

  • Improve your public speaking skills
  • Build trust with your audience
  • Assert yourself in difficult situations
  • Handle tough conversations
  • Use empathy
  • Communicate remotely in more effective ways


Starting period: 28th January 2019

Price: Rs 35,000  DISCOUNTED PRICE Rs 28,000


Trainer : Bruneau Woomed