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Help your team to be more customer focus

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Customer make your company live and grow. More than a behavior a good customer service is vital for you to survive in a competitive world !

To gain a competitive edge in a market, a company can focus on prices, innovation or brand image. But one of the most effective ways to stand apart from the crowd is to offer quality service that meets customers’ expectations, which will also help to enhance the company’s image. Client orientation is a long-term strategy that has to involve the entire organization, from top management all the way down the corporate ladder.

Objectives :

  • Making teams aware of what customer orientation is and how to develop it
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Applying the approach to in-house clients so that people work together more effectively


Starting period: 29th January 2019

Price: Rs 35,000  DISCOUNTED PRICE Rs 28,000


Trainer : Bruno Bouchet

Target : Managers