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As per the press conference of the Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology, Training Institution may provide face-to-face training session as from 01st July 2020.

“ Please note that according to Sec 14(b), Sub Section 36A of the Covid 19 Act of 2020, no face to face training should be carried out until any further notice from the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology or the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA).


As such, for the time being, G1 applications for online training only are being acknowledged by HRDC. Applications for face to face training will be automatically rejected in light of the above provision.


For those G1 applications which have already been approved on a face to face mode, and the course scheduled from 15 May 2020 till date, the G1 application will be put in abeyance. Employers may change the mode of training, or alternately postpone the course until further notice.”


COMMUNIQUE 5 - Refund of Training Cost for Trainer-led Live Online Non-Award Courses

Refund of Training Cost for Trainer-led Live Online Non-Award Courses

Registered Training Institutions and Employers are hereby informed that refund of training costs under the Training Grant System for trainer-led live online training conducted as from 31st May 2020 and onwards will be as follows:

the normal rate of refund will be applicable; and
subject to the annual grant ceiling of the Employer.


The MQA Registered Training Institution or the Employer should:

Ensure compliance with regulations/acts.
Ensure that the batch size does not exceed 10 participants
Ensure that the training is live and interactive.


Note: All other conditions and criteria remain unchanged.