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Trainees Corner

Adobe Premiere Pro

Beginner to Intermediate

Get the most of Adobe Premiere !! Adobe Premiere is the professional video editing software. It is used to assemble the whole video or movie. It is used to cut footage and combine video with audio. Ideal for your enterprise video or animate your social network.

Help your team to be more customer focus

Customer make your company live and grow. More than a behavior a good customer service is vital for you to survive in a competitive world !

Some companies really understand customer service. They know how to hire for it, train for it and deliver it. Other companies claim to give customer service, but in reality, they are grounded in an operations mentality with rules and policies that allow for little flexibility, preventing them from being anything more than just average or satisfactory. What is your understanding ?


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Training methodologies

Today, the competition between classroom and elearning methodologies is non-existent. Customers’ needs and challenges are about: developing human capital through counselling, tutoring, experiential learning, e-learning and personalised assistance.