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Create dynamic diagrams and flowcharts with Microsoft Visio!
9,00 Heures, 3 Séances Not Scheduled
End-user security awareness is a major issue in the business world today. Throughout this session, the End User will  learn how to safely protect  their computer and manage integrity of their files
3,00 Heures, 1 Séance Not Scheduled
Integrate conditions and allow your macros to manage some simple decisions    
3,00 Heures, 1 Séance Not Scheduled
Upgrade your Office skills while working with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft Office tools
6,00 Heures, 2 Séances PHOENIX A partir du 03/06/2020
Extend your knowledge into some of the more specialized and advanced capabilities of Microsoft Office.
3,00 Heures, 0 Séance Not Scheduled

After completing this course, you will be able to have an overview of the Microsoft Office 2019 Environment and manipulate the necessary tools and new features of Office 2019.

6,00 Heures, 1 Séance Not Scheduled

After completing this course, manage your booking in a few clicks.

12,00 Heures, 4 Séances Not Scheduled

Desktop>>Microsoft Excel (3 résultat)

Get the most out of Excel functions and formulas to ease your everyday tasks
3,00 Heures, 1 Séance Vacoas-Phoenix A partir du 10/07/2020
Consolidate data from various sources into one single Excel workbook, create relationships and analyze data without requiring IT assistance.
3,00 Heures, 1 Séance Not Scheduled
Be a timesaver and automate your Excel tasks with VBA Programming!
15,00 Heures, 5 Séances Vacoas-Phoenix A partir du 27/07/2020
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