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Softskills (2 résultat)

Become a professional in operating budgets!
12,00 Heures, 4 Séances Non programmée
Master financial components in your daily activities !
18,00 Heures, 9 Séances Non programmée

Softskills>>Communication (8 résultat)

Become more skilled at writing business cases, proposals and reports, and learn a bit more about e-mail etiquette
12,00 Heures, 2 Séances Vacoas-Phoenix A partir du 27/01/2020

This course will be  especially useful for individuals who need to manage, coach or influence other people successfully in their daily task.

6,00 Heures, 1 Séance Non programmée
Discover the delegation process step by step and see where are the pitfalls.
12,00 Heures, 2 Séances Non programmée

The course is interactive and participative, using the latest learning techniques to help capture everyone’s unique learning style. It will use up-to-date examples of excellent practice and participants will leave the day with new telephone skills, different and better ways to respond to email, as well as effective and impactful ways to respond to customer complaints on social media.

6,00 Heures, 1 Séance Non programmée
Master effective email structures to achieve clarity and successful communication.
6,00 Heures, 1 Séance Non programmée
Communicate remotely in more effective ways.
13,00 Heures, 4 Séances Non programmée
The aim of conflict management training is to introduce practical conflict resolution techniques and strategies that managers and team leaders can effectively use when managing conflict in the workplace.
6,00 Heures, 1 Séance Non programmée
Maintenez la  meilleure qualité du service clientèle.
12,00 Heures, 4 Séances Non programmée
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