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Have  a broad understanding of the fields of accounting and corporate finance.
12,00 Heures, 2 Séances Non programmée
Learn how to determine your organisation’s appetite and tolerance for risk.
12,00 Heures, 2 Séances Non programmée

Better understand  governance, ethics, integrity and organisational culturer and compliance.

12,00 Heures, 2 Séances Non programmée

This course  will provide credit principles and cover tools necessary to build credit skills among and assist for better decision making.

12,00 Heures, 2 Séances Non programmée
 Demonstrate appropriate customer care in the context of IT support, according to a Service Level Agreement.
12,00 Heures, 2 Séances Vacoas-Phoenix A partir du 28/01/2019

The aim of this training course is to  strengthen your grasp of financial principles within a strategic approach. Whether learning how to craft financial reports or developing a business case, you’ll better understand the numbers driving your company’s performance and dramatically improve your professional decision-making process.

9,00 Heures, 3 Séances Non programmée
The aim of this two-day finance training course is to provide participants with knowledge of the role and principles of budgeting. It also helps delegates to gain confidence in using the basic terminology and accounting principles of financial management, for personal and business success.
12,00 Heures, 2 Séances Non programmée
Learn how to calculate inventory value and depreciation, and why organizations use accounting methods when reporting financial information on financial statement.
12,00 Heures, 2 Séances Non programmée

Participants will learn and practice useful financial functions of MS Excel based on real financial templates and case studies

12,00 Heures, 2 Séances Non programmée

This course focuses on IFRS pratices with regard to financial statement and the auditing process. The second part of this course will explain the Mauritian tax practice in an interactive manner to participants.

57,00 Heures, 9 Séances Non programmée