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Training methodologies

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Today, the competition between classroom and elearning methodologies is non-existent. Customers’ needs and challenges are about: developing human capital through counselling, tutoring, experiential learning, e-learning and personalised assistance.

SEMINAR: Courses are delivered by a trainer, in person, within a classroom at our training centre or your company premises.

CUSTOM TRAINING : After a thorough analysis of your business needs, FRCI comes with a personalised course contents which are adjusted to your realities.

COACHING: We can offer 1 on 1 training for employees with busy schedules. Courses can be reduced to a crashcourse
and delivered in a timely manner. This offer is valid for up to 4 people from the same enterprise.

INSTRUCTOR LED TRAINING (WEBINAR): Connect with your trainer via video conferencing, share your screen, and interact with each other.

ELEARNING: E-learning programs facilitate learning anytime, anywhere through technology. Learn at your own pace with world leaders in e-learning content provider : Cross Knowledge, ENI Edition, Procurement Academy, Microsoft.

BLENDED LEARNING: We combine delivery of courses, content and other learning materials via an online channel or platform.You can mix the benefits of face to face, online and live online training to optimise your ROI. We work with leading international brands in the field – Cross Knowledge, ENI Edition, Procurement Academy, Microsoft.

HELPDESK:Designed to solve immediate problem on your day to day work. You will be able to access our consultant, online, whenever required.
FLY ME A TRAINER : “Fly me a trainer” is an offering for our corporate customers which gives them the opportunity to get trained on their premises, by our certified and experienced trainers. Considerable costs are associated with having entire teams travel to a different location to get trained, so this option is the best-match solution.